Thursday, 15 May 2008

Britain guilty of cluster bomb 'hypocrisy' - campaigners

. Landmine Action director Simon Conway told In the News that;

"It's terrible hypocrisy, on the one hand to say that these weapons cause unacceptable harm and ban them and on the other hand to give a sly nod to the US to continue using them,"

Moves to ban cluster bombs are due to be finalised at a conference in Dublin but the government continues to defend the retention of M85 submunitions and is seeking to exclude from prohibition its rocket-fired cluster munitions because they each contain less than 10 submunitions.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International has published the results of a YouGov poll which shows public opinion turning against cluster bombs. It found 79% supporting a worldwide ban on cluster bombs while 62% said Britain cannot act as a force for good if it does not adopt the treaty.


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